Netcope Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of high-performance network solutions based on FPGA technology. The company excels in packet capture and packet processing technologies and low-latency trading solutions.


Qosmos leads the market for embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology used in physical, SDN and NFV architectures. The company supplies software to vendors who embed real-time application awareness in their products for traffic optimization, service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cyber security and more. We at Picomass have selected Qosmos as a key enabling technology for our Business Intelligence, Cyber Security and Network Intelligence projects. Picomass are qualified as Qosmos Expert Developers (QED) and provide expert integration expertise in a number of domains.

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Talend provide a leading Data and Application integration platform. Picomass is a Talend Silver Partner and expert integrator. Talend’s platform is leveraged as a base platform across a range of domains. Picomass has already successfully delivered Network Intelligence solutions with Talend as core technology.

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Code-House provide expert consultancy services in Open Source Enterprise Java technologies with a focus on Enterprise Application Integration.

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Complex Event Processing (CEP) and event series analysis are used for detecting situations among events. EsperTech provides the Event Processing Language (EPL) designed for concisely expressing situations and fast execution against both historical and currently-arriving events. Picomass use EsperTech’s Open Source and Enterprise solutions as part of its Business and Network Intelligence solutions.